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The Scientia Journey

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About the Project

The Scientia Project will ensure an enhanced learning experience for our girls

and ultimately, one that empowers young women.

About the Project

The College received approval from the NSW Government to enhance its teaching and learning spaces for Science, Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and Sports Science through the construction of a new fit-for-purpose, future-focussed facility. This facility will future-proof the College’s learning spaces to meet the changing demands of the dual curriculum offered by the College, and aligns with the College’s vision for contemporary education for young women, both locally and globally.

The project includes construction of a new fit-for-purpose and future focussed Science, Sports Science and sports facility. There will be a dedicated social enterprise and innovation hub, flexible learning spaces, underground carpark and increased open, green spaces.

The facility will sit on the existing footprint of the College’s North Sydney grounds, complementing Miller Street and not detracting from the focus point of the College Chapel and other significant buildings on the grounds.

Equally important to this project is the landscape and urban design. The College grounds are a green oasis in a busy CBD, and we are committed to enhancing this. Green space will be increased and the Norfolk Pines protected, enhancing the visual amenity for nearby residents.

The Scientia project is the result of careful deliberation, research and a strategic needs analysis.  It successfully aligns with the College’s vision to provide young women with a world class educational experience, both now and into the future.

Entry Lobby View-9123.jpg

Why Scientia?

Scientia’ is Latin for ‘knowledge’ and part of the College motto: Religio Scientia Cultus. At Monte, we believe that we are shaped and directed by what we believe, by what we know, by what we value. Simply, knowledge is critical to a young woman’s success in the world.

For students…

The Scientia project breaks down the silos of Science, PDHPE and Sports Science and provides an opportunity for students to study in a holistic way. It creates a space where students can safely challenge their opinions and ideas.

For staff…

The Scientia project provides the opportunity for teaching to focus on the student as-a-whole by bringing together critical thinking and wellness mindsets.

For the community…

The Scientia project will foster innovation which is critical to growing the school’s social enterprise.

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Approvals, Planning and Design phase

DPIE Approval

Construction commences | February 2021

Demolition Phase | March 2021 - May 2021

Excavation phase | June 2021 - End 2021

Structure, Facade, Fit-out & External Works Phase | 2022

Construction complete | May 2023

Applications, Approvals and Project Reports

For more information, click on the links below.

  • Click here to view the development project on the DPIE Website

  • Click here to view development approvals and plans

  • Click here to view project documents relating to development strategies and programs

  • Click here to view development reporting and monitoring results

Noise Monitoring

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Community Notifications

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Complaints & Enquries

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Why Scientia?
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